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Personal Gift

A shawl is a perfect gift for someone special. Giving a shawl to a sweetheart shows that you cherish her. Giving one to a friend shows that you appreciate his/her friendship. Giving one to a member of your family shows thoughtfulness and affection. There will always be a bit of nostalgia attached to a shawl received as a gift. You will be remembered every time the shawl is worn.

Mogol shawls offer a luxurious look and feel. They come in cashmere and fine wool, in trendy, easy-to-pair neutral colors. Being featherlight, they are an easy-to-carry accessory that offer a practical way to “beat the chill” ... indoors and outdoors, in any climate and season.

Corporate Gift

Choosing a gift to show appreciation to someone special who is not a personal friend or relative can be a baffling task. The challenge is to choose a gift that is appropriate, tasteful, useful and memorable.

Mogol shawls are available in cashmere and fine wool, and come in trendy, easy-to-pair neutral colors. They make ideal gifts for valued employees or close business associates.

Every Mogol shawl comes with a stylish satin pouch in an attractive gift box. Private labeling, with your corporate or organisation logo featured on the standard Mogol gift box can be arranged, depending on the number of shawls ordered.

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