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100% Natural Cashmere Shawls


  • Ultra lightweight weave
  • Ideal to take the chill off in any indoor or outdoor situation
  • Lightweight enough to use in temperate and warm climates
  • Wearable anytime, anywhere

Specifications :

Weight : 50g
Size : 110cm x 110cm

Stock Availability :

Care Tips :

  • Handwash in cool water using a delicate shampoo
  • Let shawl dry naturally
  • Do not wring or twist after washing

Color :

Product Details

Cashmere from Mongolia

Cashmere is one of the most sought-after fibers in the world. It’s fine hairs are softer, lighter, and can be up to three times more insulating than sheep wool. It has been a prized material for centuries.

Cashmere is made from the processing of the hair of the Capra Hircus goat that lives on the Tibetan highlands and in Mongolia.

Mongolian nomads have a long tradition of raising cashmere goats. Today, Mongolia produces more than 40 percent of the total raw cashmere in the world. What makes Mongolian cashmere so sought-after is the country’s geographic location, which features extremely cold winters and hot summers ... and the nomadic approach to pastoral animal husbandry.

To survive Mongolia’s harsh winters, cashmere goats grow long, fine fibers to insulate them from the cold. At the end of the winter season, these fibers are hand combed to minimize the stress that would be caused by shearing (hand combing is a time-consuming, cruelty-free, Mongolian nomad tradition).

Removal of the cashmere fibers, aside from providing income for the herders, also makes the goats more comfortable during Mongolia’s hot summer months. As sustainability has become an important topic in the marketplace, cashmere fibers obtained from naturally bred goats are in great demand and are highly valued by the market.


Why Mogol Cashmere Shawls?

  • Premium quality weave
  • Featherlight
  • Easy to carry
  • Luxurious look and feel
  • Useable in all climates and seasons
  • Folds neatly into a satin pouch
    (free with all Mogol shawls)

Ring Test

Mogol shawls are featherlight and weigh just 50 grams... fine enough to slide smoothly through a small ring. The ring test, traditionally used to demonstrate the softness and purity of cashmere and fine wool shawls, highlights the thinness of the fibers and tightness of the weave.

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