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The Company

Up until recently, only the wealthy were able to experience the luxurious softness of shawls and apparel made from premium quality cashmere and fine wool fibers. Thanks to advances in weaving technology, products featuring these highly regarded natural fibers have become more affordable.

Mogol International is a Singapore-based company with years of business experience in Mongolia. From its base in Singapore, Mogol International supplies premium quality, Mongolia-made, cashmere and fine wool products to quality- and fashion-conscious consumers, retailers and corporate customers around the world.

Company Mission

The mission of Mogol International is to supply its customers, in a timely manner and at affordable prices, professionally made, aesthetically appealing cashmere and fine wool shawls and customer-designed loungewear using the highest quality natural fibers.

The Company is committed to strong values in terms of business ethics, social responsibility and respect for the environment.

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