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Standard Mogol brand gift box

gift box

Provision for private label sticker on standard Mogol brand gift box

Gift Box (standard or customised)

Mogol International can supply its cashmere and fine wool shawls under private label. These premium quality shawls offer an impressive addition to independent brand clothing outlets, and make memorable corporate gifts to business staff, suppliers and potential customers.

Shawls (made-to-order)

Apart from the limited color range promoted on its website, Mogol International can manufacture shawls in any other colour, or combination of colours, based on customer preference. In addition, shawls with different size specifications than the standard square size currently promoted on the Mogol website can also be manufactured to customer specification. For information about either of these made-to-order options, please contact us.

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gif box

Loungewear (made-to-order)

Mogol International can act on behalf of clients to manufacture loungewear, based on customer design specifications, using cashmere, wool, or combinations of high quality mixed yarns. For information about made-to-order loungewear, please send visual references, size(s) and quantity requirement.

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